Not every family has good chemistry, sometimes parent need help with their troubled teens. Where do you turn if you're teenager is unruly, causing turmoil in your family, having problems in school or seeing the police way too often?

The Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy may be exactly what you're looking for.

I'm sure your child didn't start out causing you issues from the time they were born. Maybe family struggles or divorce led to them starting to have problems and you weren't/ aren't able to give them the help they need to cope.

Wyoming Cowboy Academy7
WyomingNationalGuard via YouTube

The Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy is a 5 1/2 month program is designed to a military like program to instill discipline, give them structure and help the kids (male and female) realize and achieve their full potential.

The program is just 1 of 40 all over the U.S. which are all part of the National Guard Bureau's Youth Challenge Program. Over 150,000 youth have graduated the national program since 1993.

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WyomingNationalGuard via YouTube

I've never served in the military or needed a system like this challenge, but after reading more about it, am glad it is there as an outlet for parents that have tried everything possible to help their child.

Wyoming Cowboy Academy5
WyomingNationalGuard via YouTube

The WCCA is set up to help your kid with the 8 core components they'll need to be to break free from their troubled pasts.

Here are those 8 Core Components directly from

  • Academic Excellence
  • Life Coping Skills
  • Job Skills
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Service To Community
  • Leadership/Followership
  • Physical Fitness

If you're looking to be a part of the change these kids will be going through, there are ways that you can become a part of the WCCA  mentoring program. By donating time, offering up skills and knowledge you can and WILL be making an impact on these kids.

Wyoming Cowboy Academy4
WyomingNationalGuard via YouTube

There are two classed per year and last for 5 1/2 months. In this video posted by the Wyoming National Guard, families are able to come to a cadet family day. In just a couple of months away, they cadets have made major strides in moving into adulthood with a clean slate.

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