CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — The Wyoming Attorney General's Office claims a Cheyenne criminal defense lawyer intentionally tried to mislead the state supreme court.

Lawyers with the AG's Office filed papers last week claiming Cheyenne lawyer Dion Custis falsely characterized the trial testimony of a state expert witness.

Custis calls the AG's claims outrageous and untrue. He says he will respond in writing.

Custis represents a Laramie County man who's appealing his convictions on three counts of sexual assault.
The AG claims that Custis' brief to the Supreme Court falsely represented that the state expert who interviewed the juvenile victim in the case had vouched improperly for the victim's credibility.

The AG says Custis substituted testimony the same expert gave in a 2002 case in which the Supreme Court overturned another defendant's convictions.