Whenever your doctor bills your insurance each illness, injury, or disease has a code. It is called an IDC Code (International Classification of Diseases). It dictates what amount is paid. There are thousands of codes and it can be complex. There is a code for diabetes. There is a code for a broken leg. There is even a code for animal-drawn accidents.


In a recent article from Amino, they studied medical insurance claims state by state to find out the most common injuries. They simplified the complicated system of ICD Codes and boiled it down to a few key points. They wanted to know what was the most frequent injury and injuries that happen more often in a specific state. How about Wyoming? What injuries are most common? What type of injury happens more often in Wyoming than other states?


Wyoming treats more cuts and lacerations than anything else. In fact, across the nation cuts and bruises were the most common. When they looked at all the averages to find out what they called “Disproportionately Common,” the Cowboy State treated more instances of "suffocation." The clinical description is hypoxemia which means low blood oxygen levels.

Interestingly, hypoxemia can be caused by exertion at high altitudes, where oxygen is scarce. We can’t prove that this is correlated to the altitude of Mountain states, but it could be related. – Olivia Marcus wrote in Amino.com

Suffocation would also include things like COPD, emphysema, pneumonia, or even fluid in the lungs. It is a large group of ailments that has a broader definition than the word, "suffocation," implies.

Wyoming made the list of states who had injuries related to animal-drawn vehicles. That’s not all too surprising, but the good news is the 307 is better than the Cornhusker State.

Surprisingly, there were nearly 43,000 “animal-drawn vehicle accidents” in our national data from 2012 to 2016. More than 1,000 occurred in Nebraska alone.