When I came across this video on YouTube I admit that it was the title that first caught my attention.

It was on HowToHunt a YouTube Channel that is dedicated to sharing hunting and angling experiences and knowledge.

The title was "Two Trees Stop 40 mph Bull Elk Instantly". How can you NOT click on that one?

Much to my surprise, the video was "only" of the dead Elk, that was very obviously lodged between two trees...and definitely dead.

I began asking a lot of questions.

For example, "How do they know how fast it was going?" "Did they see the whole thing happen?" and "Can an Elk really die from that?"

I even watched the video another time so that I could try and figure out what happened.

Thankfully, I also know that in hunting videos you can find a more detailed explanation in the blurb under the title. It's easy enough to find, just keep scrolling down.

And there it was, a very simple explanation of what happened.

Heart shot farther up the hill before he hit the trees doing full speed ahead!

Watch the video, and then we can talk about why that simple explanation answered all of the questions I had.

So here's what happened.

Uphill from these trees, the hunter saw this beast of an Elk and shot it.

It was a solid shot to the heart, but it didn't drop the Elk instantly, so the Elk took off running.

In his confusion, the Elk lodged himself between these two trees, and his death quickly followed (this information was written in one of the first comments under the video).

He was harvested by the hunters and the meat was used to feed several families.

Anyone that has been Elk hunting knows that sometimes even with the best of shots those Elk can end up in some crazy positions, but this one is definitely the strangest I've ever seen.

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