Two years ago, the city of Casper had the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city. It only lasted a weekend, but the town boomed with new businesses and activities galore.

In fact, Wyoming Highway Patrol said the population of the state tripled during the eclipse. The hotels were full. People on AirBnB were asking astronomically high prices for renting their homes.

On August 21, 2017, Second Street crawled with people from all over the globe. David Street Station opened for the first time. The downtown area gained a few new bars like Gaslight Social and Frontier Brewery. There were telescopes everywhere pointing towards the sun. It was a big party that everyone was invited to.

A wide variety of businesses lined the streets - food trucks, merchants selling eclipse swag, psychics reading tarot cards, artist showing off their craft. Musicians took to stages that seem to emerge from every corner. There was even a flame breathing dragon made out of scrap metal.


Remember the map with all the pins?


Remember this "psychic" who predicted Yellowstone would erupt during the eclipse? Yeah, that didn't happen.

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