Over the weekend, an F-350 Ford truck on the ice at Boysen Reservoir crossed a pressure ridge near Tough Creek Campground and plunged into the water after encountering thin ice.

According to Boysen State Park Superintendent Dan Marty, two Fremont County residents were ice fishing on the reservoir and were driving on the ice after dark. The truck crossed a pressure ridge with thin ice. The front of the truck went in first and luckily hit the bottom keeping the entire vehicle from going under. After four attempts, the driver was able to kick out the back window allowing the two to escape the vehicle. The two were able to make it to a nearby occupied campsite where they found shelter and warmth. No critical injuries have been reported from the incident.

The vehicle was recovered the afternoon Monday January 11th. (Photos above) Any vehicle that enters the reservoir's water must be removed ASAP per Boysen State Park's rules and regulations.

The Wyoming Game & Fish Department has issued these ice fishing safety reminders:

  • For safe fishing, ice should be at least four inches thick and take special efforts to check the thickness of the ice every 100 to 150 feet.
  • Avoid fissures in the ice and significant sized cracks that can emerge in a lake. Clear ice is stronger than cloudy or white ice, which has frozen, thawed and refrozen and is not always stable. White ice can also be from air bubbles or frozen snow and is much weaker than clear ice. For white ice, double the recommended thickness.
  • Never fish alone; always fish with someone else. Remember to wear a lifejacket or personal flotation device and carry an ice pick. To prevent hypothermia if an ice fishing accident does occur, pack an extra set of clothes and hot liquids.
  • With variable ice conditions across the state and rapidly changing conditions we urge you to call your Regional Game and Fish Office. Contact information can be found here: https://wgfd.wyo.gov/regional-offices.

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