The numbers are in from state troopers for their drug interdiction efforts on Wyoming highways in 2010. Wyoming Highway Patrol Sgt. Stephen Townsend gives an estimated street value of all drugs seized by troopers.

Estimated street value:

"It's 2,438,600 dollars; mostly that was marijuana, although it was siezures of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, hashish and pharmaceuticals."

Also in the mix of illegal drugs, the Highway Patrol seized a substantial amount of cash.

Seized contraband cash:

"We seized 264,718 dollars, and that's a 23 percent increase from the previous year, and it's actually greater than the previous two years. However, we don't get to keep that money. That goes through an asset forfeiture proceeding, and then is divvied up among law enforcement agencies that participated in that case, so usually our portion that we get, after it may even be up to a year, is very small."

Townsend said he didn't remember anyone challenging the asset forfeiture proceedings to get money back during the year.

Sgt. Townsend gives a quick summary of the drug stops for troopers in 2010.

Troopers, drug couriers:

"Approximately 90 felony drug cases, and 45 of those drug cases, a drug detection K9 was used. And out of those 90, 58 were turned over to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation for follow-up investigations."