No, this isn't a camera filter. This is a real Cadillac with two complete front ends. Each side has a motor and steering wheel. It does require two people to drive it. This ride can literally go both ways. If you grew up in Wyoming, you've probably seen this car in parades or maybe a show. Usually, it is parked in Rawlins at the Conoco on W Spruce Street when the owner isn't out for a joy ride., some of the history of this custom 1955 Series 62 Cadillac comes alive. T.R. "Bob" Perkins had the car built out of two separate Cadillacs he found left for scrap. People remember seeing it in parades in Cheyenne, Casper, Saratoga, and Rawlins. The real treat comes when you see it driving down the road. It may be driving the same direction, but it looks like its headed right towards you.

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