Six time pro-bowler Terrell Owens has officially signed on with the Allen(Texas) Wranglers of the IFL. With a $500,000 salary and an ownership stake, Owens is doing considerably better than most players in the IFL who earn $225.00 a game, food coupons and a bonus for winning. Owens who has made over $80 million dollars in his career, finds himself with little money, few assets and 4 children with 4 different mothers who are draining his reserves to the tune of over $44,000 a month will find himself playing for the team that beat the Wyoming Cavalry in the playoffs last year and fell to the Fairbanks Grizzlies in the second round.

With a career that reads like possible hall of fame fodder (drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft,15 seasons with stops on 5 different teams (Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, Bengals) ranks 2nd all-time in receiving yards (15,934), 4th in Touchdowns (156), and 6th in catches (1,078) ) it will be interesting to see how Owens fits into the indoor football game and schemes. The Allen Wranglers have a number of connections to the NFL including General Manager Drew Pearson of Dallas Cowboy fame and new Quarterback Bryan Randall who has had stints with Atlanta,Tampa Bay and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The 2012 IFL season gets started the end of February.

Here are some highlights of Terrell Owens career.

Talk Show Host Wendy Williams sat down with Terrell earlier this week and had a few things to share about the interview.