Dispatchers in Natrona County are using a live video response service for 911 calls in order to help with social distancing measures.

The optional service that callers or dispatchers can request during the call will be in effect for the next 30 days. It does not eliminate traditional face-to-face first response services, officials say.

According to a news release, 911eye allows callers with smartphones to share live videos, texts, pictures and GPS coordinates directly with dispatchers without having to install an app on their phone. That information can be shared with first-responders before they get to a scene.

Officials say the 911eye allows first-responders to maintain their services while also allowing them to social distance.

When utilized, 911eye will allow a Casper Public Safety Communications Center dispatcher to send a secure, one-time-use link to a 911 caller. Dispatchers can then determine a caller's location and assess the seriousness of an event and determine the appropriate resources to handle the call.

Public safety officials plan to implement the system through May 13, but say if it proves to be highly valuable, they may consider a permanent purchase option.

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