A group of seven teenagers participating in a National Outdoor Leadership Training in Alaska were attacked Saturday night by a sow grizzly with cubs.  NOLS spokesman, Bruce Palmer,  says they did everything right under the circumstances, but the attack came quick.

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The teens  were part of a larger group  taking park in a month long survival skills training just outside Denali State Park.

Bruce Palmer, spokesman for NOLS in Lander says none of those participating were from the state of Wyoming.

"Saturday night a group of seven NOLS students were hiking as a group without instructors. They were just at the start of what we characterize as the culminating event on a NOLS course. They were hiking along and just as they were crossing a stream they encountered a bear at very close proximity. The bear attacked. Four of the students were injured in that attack."

Palmer says it was nearing the end of the 30 day training and the first day the teens had been left on their own.

He says the attack came as the seven were crossing a creek. The two teens at the front of the line bore the brunt of the attack; Joshua Berg of New York City and Samuel Gottsegen of Denver, both remain hospitalized with life threatening bites and puncture wounds.

Two other injured student were released from hospital.

"We're basically working with those students. We're supporting them. We have counselors on the scene and it seems like some of the students are planning on hanging around for a few days. One student has left for home already."

Palmer says they did everything right under the circumstances, but the attack apparently came too quick for bear spray.

Alaskan Wildlife Troopers and state Department of Fish and Game biologists have told the Anchorage Daily News that they are discussing what to do about the bear, which troopers were still looking for Sunday afternoon.