A task force is looking for an alternative to PAWS, the statewide test administered to 3rd through 8th graders in Wyoming.

Scott Marion, a consultant for the Legislative Service Office and the facilitator of the Statewide Assessment Task Force, told the Wyoming State Board of Education on Thursday that the legislature shouldn't be deciding how students are tested.

"We're basically saying to the legislature we don't want you to micromanage assessment design and say what kinds of test questions, multiple choice, or what kind of writing prompts can be on the test," said Marion. "That's not the job of the legislature because it's too hard to change it and it's at a level of detail beyond which they should go."

The task force is recommending a comprehensive assessment system for the state to be administered to 3rd through 10th graders. Juniors would be required to take either a college or career ready exam, rather than the ACT.

Marion says they hope to have a final draft report completed by October 13.