The road that encircles the chapel at the State Veterans Cemetery in Evansville, has been renamed for a Natrona County World War II veteran and former prisoner of war.

The road has been named in honor of Reverend Dr. Leonard Robinson, who is Wyoming's only survivor of the Bataan Death March, that's still alive.

Over the years, Robinson says he has shared his stories and experiences with others, because it's easy for the death march to be lost in World War II history, compared to Pearl Harbor and the atomic bombs.

He adds that there are lessons from his experience that can also be applied to today's world.

"It's too easy to be forgotten, and when they are forgotten, the same mistakes are made time and time again, and so I think that's the one thing, is keeping people from making the same mistake all the time, and that's a tendency of our nation."

Robinson says he is not in any hurry to check into the cemetery on a permanent basis yet.

The idea for renaming the road, came from the Cemetery Advisory Board, within the Wyoming Military Department and the Wyoming Veterans Commission.

Kevin Koile - TownSquare Media
Kevin Koile - TownSquare Media