Regional weatherman Don Day of Day Weather recorded a special video/podcast on Sunday, just to warn us about what is coming.

You can watch that special podcast at the bottom of this article. 

The forecast has changed a bit over the past 24 hours.

Cold subzero temperatures are already putting the big chill on Montana. Those bitterly cold days and nights will enter Wyoming Sunday night into Monday night.

attachment-Youtube day weather 1

The system is moving slow, so it will take a while for it to get all the way down into Colorado.

With that cold comes a lot of snow for the Northern part of Wyoming and the extreme southern area of the state.

Yes, I-80 will be closed. In fact from Cheyenne to Saratoga will be extra hard with cold and snow.

In his forecast Don Day asked livestock owners to do what they must, now, to prepare for what is coming.

Snow blowing around Casper neighborhood. You can see Casper Mountain in background.
Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

The cold will stay with us for at least a week. Though it will warm up from the sub-zero a bit but not enough for any of us to say that it is warm. Expect temperatures in the teens to low twenties for a while.

That big Canadian chill we have all been waiting for is finally on its way.

Below is the video forecast issued by Don Day, with all of his charts and graphs.

Keep your phone handy and make sure your app alerts are on for this web page. We will offer any information we can as soon as it is issued.

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