Sen. Charles Scott, R-Casper, wants the Natrona County Planning and Zoning Commission to change the zoning of a parcel of his ranch southwest of Casper to allow for small-lot residential development.

But the county's planning department has recommended the commission deny or table the request, according to the agenda for the commission's monthly meeting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Scott wants to change the zoning of 9.3 acres southeast of Wyoming highways 220 and 487 from Ranching, Agriculture, Mining (RAM) to Suburban Residential 2 (SR-2), according to the application.

The triangular lot at 15235 Highway 487 is immediately north of a subdivided area zoned SR-2, but otherwise surrounded by land zoned RAM.

The development department's report stated Scott wants to sell the land because it does not contribute to the operations of his Bates Creek Cattle Co.

In its review of the application, the department stated the request does not meet the requirements for a change.

The county's 1998 land plan did not recommend residential growth in the area, and recent efforts to update the land plan did not recommend high density subdivisions where annexation is not possible.

If the need for residential development in the area was necessary then, the area would have been rezoned for that purpose, according to the development department.

The neighbors didn't like the idea, either.

"An open house was conducted and significant opposition was received from large land owners who wished to preserve the RAM zoning," according to the development department. "The voicing to maintain RAM zoning reinforces the presumed stance of the 1998 land plan to not recommend residential growth."

If the Planning and Zoning Commission recommends the zoning change, the Natrona County Commission will consider it for final approval at a later date. If the Planning and Zoning Commission denies the request, Scott can still appeal it to the Natrona County Commission.