Reports of fake health inspection scams around the state has the Casper-Natrona County Health Department warning restaurants, grocery stores and other food establishments to be on the look out.

"Someone is calling restaurants and claiming to be a health inspector. Their scheme is they try to make an appointment to come do an inspection and during that whole process they try to get the restaurant operator to divulge either personal information or sensitive business information."

Health Department Director, Bob Harrington, says there are no reports so far in Casper, but statewide several incidents have been reported. He says phoning to make an inspection in advance is almost never done.

"None of us do that. We don't call ahead to make inspection appointments unless there's some very unusual circumstance and we never collect money in the field."

He says all inspectors where photo I.Ds and they never ask for personal information. He urges operators, if there is ever a question, to call the health department for verification.

Variations on the scheme in other parts of the country have included so-called “inspectors” attempting to collect “Fines” or “License Fees”.

Harrington says if you have any questions call the Natrona County Health Department at 235 9340 or the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Consumer Health Services, 307 777 7321.