The Wyoming Department of Health urges residents to sign up as an organ donor next time they're in to renew a drivers license.

In 2010, Wyoming was 4th in the nation with 59.6 percent of individuals with driver licenses and ID cards joining the donor registry.

"Currently in Wyoming we have 145 Wyoming residents waiting for some kind of transplant. So even though we have high donor designation we also have a high number of people waiting for those life changing procedures."

Cherame  Serrano, Wyoming Cares/Wyoming Shares program coordinator with the Wyoming Department of Health, says one donor can help save up to eight lives through organ donation and help heal more than 100 people through tissue donation. She says anyone can be a potential donor regardless of age, race or medical history.

"Some people think that if they've been diagnosed with a disease that that will preclude them from being a donor. That's not necessarily the case."

Residents can check their drivers license to see if they're already included in the registry. Wyoming licenses issued in recent years have a small red heart symbol in the upper right hand area to indicate donors.


How to become a designated organ donor in Wyoming:

Sign up with the Wyoming Department of Transportation when you apply for or renew a Wyoming driver’s license

Request and return a mail-in registration form. Forms can be requested by calling 307-777-3527 or by mail from Wyoming Cares/Wyoming Shares, 6101 Yellowstone Rd, Suite 259B, Cheyenne, WY 82002.









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