The city of Casper virtually came to a halt for a half hour this afternoon.

Winding through the town, a procession to honor the memory of businessman and philanthropist Mick McMurry allowed everyone a chance to say goodbye to the man who parlayed savvy and courage into a fortune, and then shared it with virtually any worthy cause in the state.

Ironically on this St. Patrick’s Day, the cortege began at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, and wound its way through the Historic District and ultimately to the Casper Events Center, where the city gathered to honor the man and the memories.

In the procession were the hearse bearing the body of McMurry who tragically took his own life last week, limousines carrying the family, and then a handful of his beloved Chevrolet Corvettes and other performance cars that were his passion.

After that, the range of vehicles that joined in exemplified the variety of Wyomingites whose lives he touched. Expensive luxury cars to everyday vehicles to a lone biker following the last police escort, all representing the cross-section of people who came to know the man who made Wyoming better.

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