Joshuas Storehouse starts a new program designed to get milk to families with kids and they've got Rulon Gardner on board to help them raise the dollars needed to keep the program going.

An anonymous donor kicked off the Milk for Minors project and Jay Martin, Joshua's CEO says they've got a number of fundraising ideas to help them raise the $15,000  a year estimated cost.

"We have Rulon Gardner coming in on the 9th of March and Rulon is going to give us an oration. We'll have a nice dinner for him. Its RSVP and fifty dollars a plate and that money is going to go to Milk for Minors."

Martin says they have three more fundraisers planned between now and March including a repeat of the soup and soup bowls sale, another poker run and something that involves the Casper College Fire Science program and someone jumping off of the Skyline Towers Building.

Will have more details on the future events, but in the meantime if you want to join them for a dinner at the Parkway Plaza with Rulon Gardner, March 9th, give them a call 265 0242.


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