Officials with Casper-based Joshua's Storehouse say work is nearly complete on the community food pantry's downtown warehouse expansion.

“We’re expanding on the back of our building right now – we’re about three-quarters done with the construction, and the walls are up, the roof is up and they’re starting to put the power in,” Joshua’s Storehouse CEO Jay Martin said on Wednesday.

“It’s going to help when we get it,” Martin said.

Martin said Joshua's Storehouse is currently giving away between 2,000 and 5,000 pounds of food daily. He also said demand for food is growing.

“I keep hearing in the news about how the economy is getting better and there are more and more jobs, but I don’t see that on my end.” Martin said. “Nobody seems to be interested in the fact that the number of people who are hungry and need help is also growing."

The roughly $350,000 expansion was paid for with construction grants and over $270,000 in excess one-cent funds from the city of Casper. The one-cent funds come from a professional services contract that was approved 8-1 by Casper City Council last year.