High North Platte River flow over the last couple years caused erosion damage at the Lusby Public Access Area, but anyone who spent some of their Memorial Day weekend there  may have noticed extensive repairs.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Spokesperson, Robin Kepple, says a 250 foot stretch of bank has been reinforced and trees and native vegetation planted to keep the soil in place. Now, she says  they're asking folks to avoid walking on it.

"We're asking people not to walk on that bank for two reasons; One, the rocks could shift. They could be unstable and also we do have seed and willows and what-not planted there that we don't want disturbed to give 'em a chance to grow."

Foot access to the area has been continuous, but Kepple says, in early July the Game and Fish Department will begin some minor improvements to reshape and add more gravel to the road. The road should reopen to vehicular traffic shortly after that.


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