Chronic health problems and no current insurance coverage are 'no problem' under the new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan being offered in Wyoming.  Only a couple of dozen people have signed up for the insurance so far - the coverage is part of federal healthcare reform.   Marguerite Herman, with  Wyoming’s Consumer Advocates: Project Healthcare,  thinks folks just don’t know it’s available and many have stopped bothering to look.  "They can’t find insurance, or the insurance they can find is simply beyond their means. It’s not affordable to them."

Herman says chronic disease is common in Wyoming, and throughout rural areas of the country.
'"People who are going without, going bankrupt when they finally do have to pay for something, or uncompensated care - that put a burden on the rest of the medical system, which we’re all paying for."

Herman says her group is also interested in hearing from people who do enroll, to find out if the system is working in the best interest of those who need the coverage.
Enrollment is available at