Around 2000 Post Office sites across the country face closure as the U.S. Postal service looks for ways to cut costs.

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Deficits from decling mail volume are driving the U.S.Postal service to find efficiencies everywhere they can.

Al DeSarro, Postal Service spokesman out of Denver says a study is underway of the over 18,000 sites currently running in the red to determine which locations would eventually close...

"There will be other factors that need to be consider like  proximity of other post offices in that area the distance involved. The study's going to take several months and if anything it would not happen probably until later this year."

DeSarro says because the Postal Service operates in a competitive environment operational costs are not available to the public. So there's no seek peek at locations in Wyoming that might be effected. He says its too early to say where closings will occur. DeSarro reassures that the study will be comprehensive and balanced.

"I mean when you get this kind of stuff there's allot of anxiety levels and stuff its really its very premature and there's no list and its still in the initial phase of the study process."

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses, and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund operations.

A “buy green” policy, in place more than 12 years, and has a goal of reducing spending on consumables 30 percent by 2020.