It was a warm summer day with only a few small rain storms. Who will stop the rain? Well, it was Asia with John Payne. The band triumphantly ended the first day of the Beartrap Summer Festival 2022. They brought the classic rock, progressive rock, and 80s rock swagger to the meadow. It was awesome.

This is part of the Double Anniversary Tour. 2022 landmarks 30 years since the release of the ASIA album AQUA on which John Payne was ASIA's lead vocalist. The following 15 years featured 7 more stunning ASIA studio albums, ARIA, ARENA, ANTHOLOGY, AURA, ARCHIVA 1&2 and SILENT NATION. This year also celebrates 40 years since the 1982 release of the first ASIA album (Downes, Howe, Wetton, Palmer) that features the hits, Heat of the Moment and Only Time Will Tell. This tour will showcase the music of both ASIA's 1982 release and ASIA's 1992 release AQUA.

ASIA with John Payne Rocks Beartrap Summer Festival 2022

Asia featuring John Payne brings his progressive rock swagger to the Beartrap Summer Festival.

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