While the morning drive up the mountain was a fogy and uncertain, the weather on the mountain was nothing but spectacular. Day one of the Beartrap Summer Festival was a toe-tapping event. The opening lineup was stellar as usual. The meadow was graced by Wendy Woo, The Queen Bees, Hold The Line, and The Pamlico Sound.

We got a little bluegrass, a little blues, some funk, and good old rock and roll. Each year Beartrap Summer Festival fills the meadow with luscious tones of every variety. This year is no exception.

Day one of the Beartrap Summer Festival was full of fun and sunshine. Our proof? It's in the photos of course.

Thank you to all the wonderful musicians who made it to the mountain this year. Most of all thanks to the people of Casper who make Beartrap a summer tradition. We would be nothing without you.

Bands of Beartrap Summer Festival Day 1

The bands of Beartrap Summer Festival fill the meadow with their incredible music. Country, Blues, Bluegrass, and Rock, it's all up here on the mountain.

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