On Wednesday Localicious celebrated local food with a five-course meal, floral arrangements, twinkling lights, live music, and a mural reveal on 420 W 1st Street in Casper.



Localicious is an annual event put on by Wyoming Food for Thought, which creates local, sustainable solutions to hunger by empowering the community, providing services and resources, and educating through programs and opportunities.


One of the highlights of the evening was an announcement that First Interstate Bank has decided to grant $25,000 to Wyoming Food for Thought as a part of their Believe in Local grant campaign. 

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The evening's event was jam-packed; the two XL outdoor tables were full of smiling faces and fresh food end-to-end. I'm happy to report the cocktails and food were exceptionally delicious.


Courses were prepared by Chef Maggie King and Chef Nicole Pfeifer along with ACS Juices and True Bakery. Food was sourced from Natural Grocers, Steve and Mary Lovelace, Wyoming Food for Thought Project and King Urban Garden. The Cheese Barrell provided the homemade croutons.


Beer and cocktails were provided by Skull Tree Brewing and Backwards Distilling.


Music was provided by Lauren Podjun, Joey Patterson and Jersmy Adamson.


The flowers and centerpieces were arranged by Town & Country Garden Club.

Localicious 2022

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