A Casper man has been arrested for shaking a baby.

Twenty-seven year old Phillip Hall is facing one charge of child abuse.

Police investigators say on Friday, February 13th, they were called to the Wyoming Medical Center, and were advised an infant was in the emergency room with injuries consistent with being violently shaken.

Hall, who had been babysitting, took the infant to the hospital, and told a nurse he was carrying the baby, when he fell and the infant hit her head on the floor.

Further examination by a doctor, showed the injuries were more consistent with a concussion and there was no bruising to the exterior of the baby's skull.

The infant was life flighted to Children's Hospital in Colorado.

Investigators searched the house on Boxelder Avenue where the incident occurred and determined that Hall's fall story did not check out.

When interviewed a second time, Hall admitted to shaking the infant to get her to stop crying.

He used a doll to demonstrate to police what he did, and said he shook the infant harder than he should have, and made up the fall story.

Hall's bond was set at $10,000 PR.

He is awaiting trial and could face up to five years in prison, if convicted.