Park County Public Health on Thursday afternoon ordered the closure of several businesses due to coronavirus.

The order includes closing bars, nightclubs, restaurants, employee cafeterias, self-serve buffets, salad bars, communal pools, hot tubs, locker rooms, saunas, steam rooms, fitness centers, gyms, conference rooms and museums.

Child care centers caring exclusively for children of essential personnel are excluded from the closure. Restaurants may stay open if they notify the Park County Public Health Officer and follow certain procedures including closing off dine-in services. Restaraunt employees must take food items to the curb and exchange through the vehicle window.

The restrictions do not apply to grocery stores, hospitals and medical clinics.

Businesses not in the order can remain open to the public but are limited to 10 people inside at a time and are required to attempt to implement measures of social distancing.

Park County learned of its first coronavirus case on Monday.

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