Montana Governor Greg Gianforte last week signed a bill into law banning TikTok inside the state's borders.

In signing the bill, Gianforte said he was protecting state residents personal and financial information from the Chinese Communist Party. TikTok is a Chinese owned company, although company officials have said the CCP does not have access to the information of TikTok users.

But opponents of Montana's ban say it's a violation of free speech. A lawsuit has already been filed challenging the Montana law.

Under the Montana ban, platforms like Google and Apple as well as app stores could face $10,000 a day fines for making TikTok available within state borders.

In Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has already ordered that TikTok not be allowed on state devices. But should Wyoming go farther and ban TikTok entirely, as Montana has done?

Do you see this as a violation of the First Amendment and freedom of speech? Or do you think it's needed to protect citizens personal information as well as sensitive governmental data from the prying eyes of the Chinese Communist Party?

Take our poll and give us your opinion! We'll publish the results of our survey later in the week.

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