The sheriff's offices of 10 Wyoming counties and the U.S. Marshal's Service did sex offender registry compliance checks last month. Sweetwater County Sheriff's Detective Dick Blust said the compliance checks were part of an ongoing program called Operation Jessica.

Result of compliance sweeps:

"A total of 460 compliance checks were completed in the 10 participating counties last week, three offenders were arrested for non-compliance, and additional arrests were made for probation violation, bail violation, child pornography, first degree sexual assault, and incest."

Operation Jessica was named after Jessica Marie Lunsford, a nine-year-old girl who was victimized and killed by a sex offender in 2005.

And the registry requirements for sex offenders in Wyoming changed July 1st.

New requirements for registry:

"A number of changes and updates to Wyoming’s Sex Offender Registration laws will go into effect on July 1, including: Offenders must provide information on any aircraft, watercraft, commercial vehicle, or trailer registered under Wyoming law.

Offenders must provide their 'Internet identifiers' and 'any phone number at which the offender may be reached or which may be used on a frequent basis by the offender to place telephone calls.'

Offenders who plan to travel outside the United States must notify the Sheriff’s Office where he or she lives at least 21 days prior to leaving, identify the country or countries to be visited, the reason for the travel, the dates each country will be visited, and the means of travel."

Natrona County was not among the 10 counties participating in the registry compliance sweeps.