September is National Preparedness Month.

Throughout the month, officials with Natrona County Emergency Management are reminding residents to prepare themselves, their family, their friends and their pets for potential emergency situations.

Stewart Anderson, the Natrona County emergency manager, says preparedness always starts with a good plan and a well-stocked emergency supply kit.

“Water, minimum of a gallon per person per day plus for pets, food, medication, diapers, flashlight batteries, radio – you want to have those in a place where you can get to them in your home if you’re cut off from civilization,” Anderson said.

With fall and winter weather fast approaching, Anderson says it’s best to construct an emergency supply kit before the first snowfall of the year. He says September is the perfect time to stock up on needed emergency supplies.

“We do have those storms, at least here in Natrona County, where it can snow three or four feet, and you’re not going to run out to the store,” Anderson said. “It might be a couple of days before we get those roads open so you’re able to get to the store, the drug store, whatever.”

Anderson also suggests individuals be familiar with local weather conditions, especially for those new to an area.

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