At the Natrona County School Board meeting on Jan. 24, Executive Director of School Improvement Angela Hensley told the board about the 130 vacancies they are hoping to address in the district over the next few months.

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Hensley said there are 34 certified vacancies and 96 classified vacancies, and of those three are career and technical education vacancies, and nine are special education vacancies, two of which are from people who are leaving at the end of the school year and seven that are currently open, with four currently covered.

Hensley said they will complete their enrollment and staffing allocations by late February or early March.

The Natrona County School District had from Dec. 30 to Jan. 24 been asking parents where they plan on sending their children with the school choice registration, and now that registration is closed, the district will now know where students are going, and also where they should allocate teachers.

Chair of the board of trustees Raymond Catellier asked about how staffing has been happening sooner over the past few years, and Superintendent Mike Jennings said that in previous years the legislature took longer to allocate funds, so the NCSD also had to wait longer to properly allocate staff.

Included in the vacancies are staff and faculty that have announced their departure in December, January, or by the end of the current school year, which includes 29 separations and three transfers.

Those include bus drivers, special ed teachers, science teachers, substitute teachers, tutors, social studies teachers, and a librarian, all from several different schools including Natrona County High School, CY Middle School, Dean Morgan Middle School, and Centennial Junior High School.

Hensley said they will talk more about how they are filling vacancies at various points later in the year.

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