A lamb once lost has returned to its home in downtown Casper. The bronze lamb disappeared from the park across the street from the Natrona County Courthouse about 18 months ago. It was one of four bronze sheep that have been in place for about 15 years. No one knows where it went. Then last week a brand new bronze lamb was found amongst this years Nativity scene.

"So the Shepard brought back the lost sheep," says George Bryce of the Casper Rotary Foundation. He joined County Commissioners Bill Mcdowell and Terry Wingerter to dedicate the new lamb Thursday morning.

"And we thought, man, this is kind of amazing it happened. But we got a new configuration for the family and there they are together."

The new lamb from an anonymous donor has been repositioned next to the others across from the courthouse.

Bryce says the two bronze ewes were donated by the Wool Growers Association back in 1995, "cause they were concerned that if there were gonna be any sheep in 20 years they better be bronze, cause the coyotes were eating all the real sheep."

The two lambs arrived three years later and were placed in memory of Harry Josendahl, a former legislator.

He says the bronze sheep stand in the park as a reminder of the importance of the sheep industry to Natrona County.

Commissioner Terry Wingerter notes there are more sheep shipped out of Arminto in northwestern Natrona County than anywhere else in the country.