Beginning Monday, the Natrona County School District's food service will add several new locations for takeaway breakfast and lunch meals to all youth to help them and their families as a result of the social distancing that has closed schools and businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The meals will be available to individuals 18 and under from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday, according to a news release from the school district.

People do not need to be on the free and reduced lunch program.

There is no application process nor will questions be asked.

The school district asks those picking up meals to follow the Casper Natrona County Health Department’s social distancing guidelines.
Individuals may pick-up meals for their siblings and family members 18 years and under at the following new locations:

  • Raven Crest, 4701 Tranquillity Way.
  • Casper Housing Authority, 145 N. Durbin.
  • Kids Campus, 12 Curtis St, Evansville.
  • Seton House, 919 N. Durbin.

These are the other places previously announced where people can pick up meals:

  • Oregon Trail Elementary, 6332 Buckboard.
  • Sagewood Elementary, 2451 Shattuck.
  • Pineview Elementary, 639 Payne.
  • Poison Spider School, 14200 Poison Spider Road.
  • Roosevelt High School, 3000 Independence Court.
  • Bar Nunn Elementary, 2050 Siebke Drive.
  • Mountain View Baptist Church, 4250 W.Poison Spider Road, Mills.
  • Cottonwood Elementary, 1230 W. 15th St.
  • Evansville Elementary, 452 S. Texas.
  • Journey Elementary, 2401 Hickory St.
  • Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming Main Branch, 1701 E. K St.
  • Paradise Valley Elementary, 22 Magnolia.
  • Casper Recreation Center, 1801 E. Fourth St.
  • Midwest School, 256 Lewis.
  • Verda James Elementary, 701 Carriage Lane.

Signs will be outside these locations to direct people where to pick-up the meal.

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