Natrona County Health officials are urging the public's patience as COVID-19 vaccines continue to trickle into the community.

"Currently we still are only receiving about 975 new 1st doses a week and we expect that could be the case even into February," Casper-Natrona County Health Department Public Information Officer Hailey Bloom said in an email to K2 Radio News Friday. "In terms of locally, it just means we can't get them out to as many of the people or categories as fast as we would like.  "

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Currently, Natrona County is focusing efforts on getting people 70 and older vaccinated. Once that portion of the process is completed, National Guard and Air Guard members who are likely to be activated for the response to the pandemic will receive vaccines.

In a news release, Bloom clarified that essential food service employees do not include restaurant workers.

"This phase includes food supply chain workers, so people who are responsible for getting food into grocery stores and grocery store employees who can then sell that food to the public," Bloom said. "Unfortunately, that doesn't include restaurant employees at this time."

Despite the shortages that could last into February, area health officials continue to work hard to distribute as many as possible. That said, they are urging the public's patience.


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