Community confidence is everything to a charity organization, which is why a rumor about a scam artist collecting on behalf of Joshua's Storehouse was so troublesome. It turned out to be an honest mistake, confusion with a marketing company involved in a promotion the charity is doing for an event in June.

Unrecognized affiliation:

"One lady got tickets and no receipt and she wasn't exactly sure why because we don't collect cash, and so what happened was the other organization came in and unbeknownst to her it was a different group, and it was really quite a mix up but it was not a scam. It was an honest mistake made by some people who were running funding for organizations and it was just a mix up."

Joshua's Storehouse CEO Jay Martin says he was quick to react to the possibility of a scam because he considers the Casper community as family. He says they prefer not to deal with cash, for one thing and they write receipts for donations.

Legitimate paper trail:

"If people are interested, they can donate food to Joshua's Storehouse by simply calling Joshua's at 265-0242. If they have an abundance of food, we can come down and pick it up. If they have a little bit of food they can drop by at 334 S. Wolcott Street. If they want to donate to us, please do it in the form of a check or money order, and we only have about a 1 1/2 percent operating overhead and all their money will go into food to feed the Casper family."

Mr. Martin also welcomed anyone with questions to call them.