It's election day, and polling places across the state and in the county are filling up with people showing up to vote.

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At the Mills Community Center, poll worker Lilian Wright, who's been working the polls for around 20 years, said that they've had a steady stream of people coming in throughout the day, and while they had over 900 people during the August primary, at around 1 p.m., they were at around 400.

Wright said that during the primaries there was an air of animosity, but this time around, things have seemed calmer.

"People come in, and they're happy too. In August, there seemed to be a lot of, I don't know, you can feel it," Wright said. "[Animosity], yeah that would be a good word for it. But today, everybody is, I don't know, in a good mood. We'll take that any day. I'd rather see smiles than frowns."

Voters at the Mills Community Center

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