On June 4, over 260 guests from near 30 different states gathered in Casper for a conference and groundbreaking ceremony at the site of what will become a 16-acre Luther Classical College campus.

The buildings will include space for classrooms, library, auditorium, offices, and a common area for students to gather. Houses for student living will also be on campus.

Chairman of the Board of Regents and Senior Pastor at the Mount Hope Lutheran Church and School in Casper said the opening will be the Fall of 2025. "A college by Lutherans for Lutherans. Lutheran Professors and Lutheran Students." Enrollment will remain small, never exceeding 300 undergraduates.

The college aims to provide a conservative, classical Lutheran education stressing Christian marriage, family, and piety. Their prospectus notes classes will use the "great books" of the past for core curriculum and offer Latin, history, theology, literature, logic, rhetoric, music, geometry, biology, and mathematics.

"I think the need is very great incented for a classical Lutheran college, one that can give very careful attention to the culture of the school that our students are all participating in chapel, that we're all part of the same conversation, that we're looking at the things that have undergirded our Lutheran doctrine and practice for us to have a group of students going out into the church with that kind of knowledge, that kind of foundation, in my mind is a gamechanger," said the President of the Wyoming District, Reverand John Hill.

The college will offer an A.A. and a B.A. in Classical Liberal Arts.

Generally, all students will take the same courses. The course work and culture of the college will help prepare students for life as Christians in their church, community, and family.

Opportunities to student teach at a classical Lutheran school will be offered to those interested in becoming teachers.

The college also intends to form a trade partnership for students seeking gainful employment in the skilled trades (e.g. electrical, plumbing, architectural).

They are working to establish apprenticeships with businesses throughout the country for graduates of the trade program. The college is in the process of seeking accreditation with a nationally recognized accrediting organization.

Tuition will be set at $8,500 a year, with scholarship opportunities to help with payment.

See the campus layout and rendering here.

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