Casting call this Sunday for a feature film to be shot in Wyoming.   K. Harrison Sweeney, Wyoming native and U-W grad,  is returning to produce "From the Trailer to the Grave". Auditions will be held Sunday at the Wagon Wheel Roller Rink in Mills,

"We're auditioning for-you can call them extras- zombies. Some people will be people who turn into zombies. Some will just be people, extras for the film. And we're looking for anybody. People from all walks of life."

Spokesperson Beth Andruss says they're hoping for a good mix to help fill out the principle cast, which is all connected in some way to the video game, Red Dead Redemption. The Wagon Wheel is located at 305 Van Horn Ave where they'll hold a workshop on "Zombie Behavior & Movement" from 10 to 10:30 Sunday morning. Auditions follow from 10:30 to noon.