The Natrona County Public Library is carrying on its tradition of showing independent films. The film presentation will be this evening (Tuesday) in the library's Crawford Room at 6:30 pm, and admission is free.

Other than mass marketed films:

"Think it's a great thing that the library does. It give us a chance to kind of get out of our box, see something from another country, some of them are from the U.S. too, but it exposes us to different cultures and different ideas."

Library Spokeswoman Brenda Thomson, said Tuesday night's presentation will be the film "Bomber."

Distribution company synopsis:

"I just kind of know what the little blurb the company gave us--it is about a company that's planning to take a special trip to Germany. And they end up having an impromptu family road-trip with all kinds of different hazards along the way, so it should be pretty interesting."

Ms. Thomson says they bring in an independent film a month. A lot of the independent films are not rated, so they could be inappropriate viewing for children. For questions or to get a schedule of the films the library plans to show, you can call 577-7323.