Local poets and poetry aficionados have a place to stand and deliver. Natrona County Public Library has a poetry box the third Friday of every month. K2 Radio talked to Community Relations Coordinator Brenda Thomson.

Written to be heard:

SANDOVAL: Even modern poetry that doesn't rely so much on meter and rhyme, poetry does concentrate ideas, so, these poetry boxes, do they get political or religious or controversial?

THOMSON: Well I think it's based on what each individual is interested in writing about. It can be controversial. It's a great way, actually, to start a discussion, I think poetry is, because, as you said, it does condense an idea down and makes you put it into few words, usually.

SANDOVAL: Which I think is great intellectual rigor.

THOMSON: It's a great way to stimulate your mind.

SANDOVAL: It really is. Okay, so, we've got some local poets and they gather for a poetry box.

THOMSON: Uh hunh.

SANDOVAL: Okay, is the poetry box literal or figurative?

THOMSON: Well there is actually a literal box that has poetry and ideas in it, so when they're stumped, they can find something to be inspired by, but it's also figurative. It's just a discussion group that meets; everybody is welcome; they always welcome new members.

This month's third Friday is the 17th. Poetry Box meets in the Library's Crawford Room at 5:30pm and is free and open to the public.