Four years ago the vote was close and this time around it was even closer. Natrona County's Library Board President looks at the tightened margin as a positive. At the same time, Board President Randy Buffington says, the voters have spoken.

"As you can see, that number has moved from the vote last time to the vote this time. It was much closer this time and we respect that viewpoint and were certainly not going to push forward with any plans for a new library at this time."

Buffington, says the library belongs to the voters and its up to them to determine what they want. He says its the board's job to provide the best library they can with the resources available.

Natrona County library staff work in a crowded facility and Buffington says the board will continue to evaluate how best to make materials available despite the crunch.

Buffington says he's thankful for the effort that went into advocating for the project. "There were a lot of tremendous efforts, things they did, promotions, discussing things, handing out flyers. Just a tremendous amount of work by a whole lot of people and we appreciate the efforts of those individuals and groups."

Despite those efforts, unofficial results show 16,250 votes came in against the tax with 15,662 in favor. That's a difference of just 588 votes.


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