A Colorado man will avoid prison time, after he admitted that he groped an intoxicated woman at Alcova Lake.

Levi Keller was given a two year suspended prison sentence with two years of probation, after he pleaded guilty to two reduced misdemeanor charges of sexual battery.

He was arrested in September 2014 by Natrona County Sheriff's Deputies after the alleged victim identified him as her assailant.

In September, Keller and two friends drove from Colorado to stay at a cabin owned by one of the friends, according to court records.

The victim and her friends drove from Colorado a day later.

Keller and the victim were watching TV and Keller was accused of supplying the victim with a combination of alcoholic beverages and energy drinks.

She had never been intoxicated before and never had sex before, according to court documents.

The victim passed out and woke up repeatedly and asked Keller to stop touching her.

She escaped and was picked up by two men driving along Wyoming Highway 220, who dropped her off at Sloan's General Store.