A trial date has been set for a Casper man charged with vehicular homicide.

Larry Turner Junior will face a 12-member jury trial beginning May 14th, where he is charged with the vehicular death of Dylan Brock, and aggravated assault charges on 2 other people.

According to Casper Police, on October 12th, Turner was the driver in a one-vehicle rollover crash at the intersection of 13th and King Boulevards in Casper.

Investigators say three others were passengers in the vehicle, which according to a black box, was going as fast as 108 miles-per-hour seconds before the incident.

Authorities say Turner's blood tested positive for mephedrone, a drug described as a stimulant and hallucinogen.

Turner remains free on $100,000 dollars bond.  His trial is estimated to take one week to complete.