A case involving a Casper man accused of vehicular homicide is heading to district court.

A judge has ruled that there is sufficient evidence and testimony in the case involving Larry Turner Jr.

Police say back in October, Turner was driving a Cadillac that was involved in a single vehicle crash at the intersection of 13th and king boulevard, that ended up killing Dylan Brock of Casper,

The wreck also caused major injuries to Lucas Meadows who had his arm ripped off, and Monica Patro who suffered a severe brain injury.

Investigators say according to the black box found inside the vehicle, Turner and company were traveling south-bound on King Boulevard, going as fast as 109 miles per hour, about 5 seconds before the crash happened.

A neighbor told police that shortly after the wreck, Turner later approached him offering money to take him inside.

Investigators later found one shoe stuck in the driver side floor-board, and found the other shoe on Turner later at the hospital.

A friend of Patro's told police she had over-heard Turner at the hospital say he was going to pin the incident on Brock.

Turner is being held on $100,000 bond and it awaiting his arraignment.