The chairman of the Laramie County Republican party says voters across the country are in an angry, emotional mood.

Jared Olson says people are angry at both political parties and anyone who is seen as part of the political "establishment."  Olson says that can be seen by the strength of the candidacies of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as well as Democrat Bernie Sanders.

He says, ''People around the country are tired of the Democratic party; and they are tired of the Republican party; and they are tired of putting politicians in office who don't do what they say they are going to do."

But Olson says he doesn't think the anger voters feel is necessarily a good thing, especially if emotion takes the place of analyzing candidates records. He is urging people to take a look at candidates and "not just jump on the bandwagon" of angry, emotional politics.

Olson says that doesn't mean people have to vote for "establishment" candidates, "but we need to look at our candidates more closely."

He says it's also important to remember candidates past stands on issues are the best indicator of what they will actually do if they are elected.