The folks at Joshua's Storehouse want to get the word out that they are in need of volunteer help. It's moving into a very busy time for them and, Jay Martin, CEO at Joshua's Storehouse, says drivers, in-particular, are needed as the pace picks up around the holidays.

"It's a very busy time and we have some folks who were working around here and they got jobs, which is wonderful. Some of them were our drivers and so we are short of drivers right now."

He says with the amount of food and supplies they've been picking up of late they really could use some more muscle. He reminds all that it is volunteer work, and while they need drivers, drivers would also be involved in lifting and moving stuff around. He says they supply the vehicle and the fuel, "and its just a regular class 'C' drivers license. And a good record, please. We don't want to play bumper cars with our van, but the whole idea is we've got to get things from point A to point B."

Martin says they can also use help around the storehouse during the week to stack and stock.

So, if you have a good driving record, are drug free and want to help out, give them a call at, 265 0242.