A Casper cook is trying to enter the race for one of Wyoming's US Senate seats.

Fifty-four year old Joseph Porambo is trying to collect enough signatures to appear on the ballot as an independent, for the spot in the US Senate, that is currently held by Senator Mike Enzi.

Although he is a registered Republican, Porambo says he is running independently, partly because he feels that current Republicans and Democrats are too aligned with their political party's platform, and not with the people.

"I want a government of the people, by the people and for the people, and I think when we go to party loyalty, rather than constituent loyalty, we have gone away from that form of government."

Porambo says some of the topics for debate for the election will include the budget, the debt ceiling, issues of free speech, the military, and gun rights.

Porambo is the fourth candidate to announce his intentions to run against Senator Enzi.

The others are Democrat Charlie Hardy, a retired Catholic priest; Republican Thomas Bleming of Lusk; and Curt Gottshall, a commercial airline pilot from Laramie who is running as an independent.