Jessica Carnline pleaded not guilty to two counts of vehicular homicide during her arraignment in Natrona County District Court on Friday.

Carnline, who was 17 at the time of her arrest, was driving a car that slammed into the Wyoming Medical Center building in September, killing her two passengers.

The benches on one side of the courtroom were filled with family members of the two victims, Brandon Avery and Amanda Strickland, and some cried softly and consoled each other when District Court Judge Catherine Wilking read the charges.

Some family members shook their heads "no," when Carnline's attorney Hampton Young asked Wilking to reduce her bond.

Young said she suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome, and supervising adults at the Central Wyoming Counseling Center and the Juvenile Detention Center praised her progress in her studies and her respectfulness.

But Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Hambrick objected, saying the charges were serious, and Carnline had previous encounters with the law including being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Wilking agreed with Hambrick, saying Carnline's bond would continue at $30,000.

Before she was lead out of the courtroom, she looked at a couple of family members, smirked and shrugged her shoulders.

The case began on the evening of Sept. 21, when Carnline, Avery and Strickland were inhaling a can of air duster for cleaning computer equipment while she was driving.

Air duster can cause an intense high and blackouts.

She told police the air duster made her high, according to court documents.

Carnline's car was traveling 76 miles an hour when it swerved and hit a monument sign at the corner of the hospital building in the 1200 block of East Second Street.

There was no indication that the brakes were applied.

No one was wearing a seat belt.

Both passengers were roughly ten years older than the 17-year-old driver.

Avery was dead at the scene.

Strickland soon died later in the emergency room.

Carnline was critically injured.

She was arrested in early November after she recovered.