2023 brought just about the most perfect weather we have seen in YEARS!

That has a few people a little suspicious.

Last winter brought just the right amount of snow to fill every reservoir, lake, stockpond, river, and stream in the West.

That brought an end to those doomsday predictions that the West would soon run out of water. 

More doomsday predictions came to an end as spring brought more rain and cool weather, but not too cool.

Flowers bloomed across the land. It hasn't been so lush and green out there for a while.

But now it's back. Almost like it's a natural cycle or something.


Summer was on the cool side with even more rain, but not too much. Everything out West stayed green throughout the entire season. That's unusual for this part of the country.

That story that ran in the news saying that the planet had experienced the hottest days EVER this past summer turned out to be a hoax. 

Canada had some wildfires, but nothing out of the ordinary for that time of year.

Here in the good ole USA, we had a mild fire season, leaving the doomsayers with nothing to talk about.

Fall has been one picture-perfect day after the next. The air is clean, it's cool but not cold outside. Heck, it's just been nice.

Well, heck, this has been TOO NICE!


Martha Hickey of Wyoming looks out her kitchen window wondering about winter.

Mother Nature is up to something, she's sure of it.

This winter is going to beat the CRAP out of us. I'm sure of it. Because my artificial hip is hurting something fierce. That's all I need to know.

Just give it a little time and the doomsayers will send out more predictions about how we are all in a death spiral.

For some reason, they can't just enjoy this nice weather.

Wyoming Summer Flowers 2023

Above Chugwater Wyoming is a plateau of farms and ranches, along with a few old nuclear missile silos.

Among those farms are fields of sunflowers.

It's mid-August, 2023.

Wyoming has had one of the wettest springs, and summers, it has seen in decades.

The plateau is in bloom.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

Fall In Wyoming's Bighorns

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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